AUGIWorld 杂志

[IMG_RIGHT=95,124,封面]upload/augiworld.jpg[/IMG_RIGHT]   AUGI刚发布的介绍AutoCAD2007新特性的杂志(2006年三月到四月),主要内容如下:
  • New Releases Means Learning New Techniques: Matt Murphy shares implementing and training details with new releases.
  • Visualizing Designs in a New Way: AutoCAD 2007 allows drawings to be better presentations in 2D and 3D.
  • Revit's Horizontal Approach: Architects and designers receive Revit implementation advice.
  • Tips for Architectural Desktop 2005/2006: Learn tips that increase productivity.
  • Witness to History: David Kingsley recognizes Carol Bartz for her great leadership and welcomes in Carl Bass for the next era of Autodesk leadership.
  • 下载: 低质量版PDF(2.6M)|高质量版PDF(26.2M) P.S 备案的问题终于告以段落,昨天网站终于开通了,或许真的是失去了才懂得珍惜吧,打算在这里辛勤耕耘了^_^