English Fairy Tales 收集的英语童话故事


2021-01-28The Crown of Greatness
2021-01-22The Idiot and The Lion
2021-01-15The Tooth Fairy
2021-01-12Touch Wood
2021-01-11The Forest Cloaked Princess
2021-01-10The Merchant of Venice
2021-01-09Wishing Upon a Star
2020-12-31Havana's Giraldilla
2020-12-27The Unusual Witch
2020-12-23Helping Santa
2020-12-22Princess Grace
2020-12-20Know Your Worth
2020-12-18The Alien Princess
2020-12-15Hachiko - A Heart Touching Tale
2020-12-13An Eternal Winter
2020-12-11Princess in a Bottle
2020-12-09The Shepherd of the Clouds
2020-12-07The Magical Cloak
2020-12-06The Kingdom of Glass
2020-12-05The Lost Princess
2020-11-30The Palace of Change
2020-11-28Princess Pastorella
2020-11-27Little Muddle
2020-11-23The Mermaid and The Prince
2020-11-23The Cat Princess
2020-11-22The Garden of Deed
2020-11-21The Magic Wand
2020-11-20The Fairy Godmother
2020-11-13Roses and Forget Me Nots
2020-11-12Daylight and The Swamp
2020-11-09Cathrine and Her Destiny
2020-11-08The Pot of Pinks
2020-11-07The Blue Rose
2020-11-05The Poor Cobbler and Magician
2020-11-04The Envious Neighbour
2020-11-04The Raspberry Worm
2020-11-03The Old Man And His Grandson
2020-11-02A Magical Halloween
2020-11-01The Princess of Spring
2020-10-31Prince Sneeze
2020-10-30Somebody Else's Prince
2020-10-29The Truthless Princess
2020-10-28Find me a Queen
2020-10-23Geirlaug and Grethari
2020-10-22The Magical Gifts
2020-10-21Puss in the Boots
2020-10-20The Glass of Milk
2020-10-19The Enchanted Watch
2020-10-18The New Year
2020-10-17What Use Is It
2020-10-16The Wedding Dress Under The Sea
2020-10-15The Story of Princess Hase
2020-10-14An Unkept Promise
2020-10-13Harris and His Organic Farm
2020-10-12Hide And Seek
2020-10-11Princess Marianna
2020-10-10Belinda and Bellamant
2020-10-08The Green Door
2020-10-05The Ivory City
2020-10-04The Three Spinners
2020-10-03The Drummer
2020-10-02Prince Darling
2020-10-02Molly and The Giant
2020-10-01Faithful John
2020-10-01The Necklace
2020-09-30Princess with Twenty Skirts
2020-09-30The Forbidden Forest
2020-09-29The Sisters of The sun
2020-09-29The Weightless Princess
2020-09-28The Boy Who Drew Cats
2020-09-28The Adventures of Isabella
2020-09-27The Kingdom of Fools
2020-09-27Fairy Princess
2020-09-26The Prince and the Honest Girl
2020-09-26The Blossom Tree http://t.cn/A64FulJO
2020-09-25The Best Friends Forever
2020-09-24The Traveller and The Jeweller
2020-09-24The Gift of Magi
2020-09-23Yallery Yellow
2020-09-23Lazy Taro
2020-09-22Lady Daffodilia
2020-09-21The City of Fortune
2020-09-21A Flowering Tree
2020-09-20The Pebble Shooter
2020-09-20Pixi and The Magical Pitcher
2020-09-19The Lazy Bull Boy
2020-09-16Three Dolls
2020-09-15The Pumpkin Giant
2020-09-15What We Plant We Eat
2020-09-14The Magician's Tea Party
2020-09-14The Youngest Princess and The Youngest Prince
2020-09-13Who is the Real Mother
2020-09-12The Son of Soap Seller
2020-09-11The Rolling Pumpkin
2020-09-11The Emerald Book
2020-09-10The Raindrops
2020-09-10The Girl Fish
2020-09-09The Three Brothers
2020-09-09A Baker's Dozen
2020-09-08The Carpenter and The Painter
2020-09-07The Purple Jar (漂亮的紫瓶)
2020-09-07The Four Girls and The King
2020-09-06Forget Me Not
2020-09-06The Salary Of King
2020-09-05The Health Heroes
2020-09-05The Magic Brocade
2020-09-04Little Joys
2020-09-04The Blue Wishing Ring
2020-09-03The Golden Grand Mother
2020-09-03The Toymaker and His Daughter (玩具匠和他的女儿)
2020-09-02Billy Forgo (健忘的贝利)
2020-09-02The Star Cactus
2020-09-01Wishes Granted
2020-09-01The Cabuliwallah
2020-08-31Silly Dennis
2020-08-31Kindness in Circles
2020-08-30Wisdom For Sale
2020-08-30Pandora's Box
2020-08-29What You Shall Give Me
2020-08-29Enchanted Hen Story(魔法母鸡)
2020-08-28The Witch of Springdale Story (斯贝瑞戴女巫的故事)
2020-08-28Kindness Cost Nothing Story
2020-08-27The Model Millionaire Story
2020-08-27Elidore Story in English
2020-08-26Princess of the Blue Mountain Story (蓝山公主的故事)
2020-08-26Princess Who Couldn't Dance Story
2020-08-25Freedom Story (自由的故事)
2020-08-25The Grateful Elephant Story
2020-08-24The Honest Woodcutter Story (诚实的伐木人)
2020-08-24Cinderella in English
2020-08-23Princess Pepperina Story (帕匹丽娜公主的故事)
2020-08-23Wedding Necklace Story (结婚项链的故事)
2020-08-22Three Headed Beast Story (三头怪兽的故事)
2020-08-22Little Mermaid (美人鱼艾娃)
2020-08-21Pinocchio in English (匹诺曹:木偶奇遇记)
2020-08-20Ugly Duckling in English (丑小鸭)
2020-08-20Lion and the Mouse (狮子和老鼠)
2020-08-19Tiddu the Piper Story (吹笛手特都的故事)
2020-08-19Elves And The Shoe Maker in English (小矮人与鞋匠的故事)
2020-08-18Quest for a Queen Story (寻求王后的故事)
2020-08-18the emperor's new clothes(皇帝的新装)
2020-08-18Aladdin and the Magic Lamp in English
2020-08-17Little Match Girl
2020-08-17Three Little Pigs in English
2020-08-16Princess Anastasia Story Part 2
2020-08-16Princess Anastasia Story-安娜塔西亚公主的故事(1)
2020-08-15The Magic Unicorn Story
2020-08-14The Tea Kettle Story in English
2020-08-13The Way to Grinlor Story in English
2020-08-12The Magic Bonbons Story in English
2020-08-07The Magic Ring Story